Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad

Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad

“Alignment”: Lawful Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Law, Community, Chaos, Madness
Holy Symbol: A blue sphere painted like a mask with a weeping and laughing face
Favored Weapon: Whip/Club

Aya and Sanya are technically one God. This God, however, eternally manifests herself as the Two-Sisters. She is able to carry on tasks as though she were two Gods and often talks to herself as the Two-Sisters.

Aya and Sanya only came to the world during the Divine Circus. Worship of the Twin-Sisters before then was rare, as it required a person to live in their heart two different realities while maintaining a single identity. Since the Divine Circus, many people feel the tug between law and chaos so strongly that she is now far more popular.

Worshipers of Aya and Sanya have a special attribute: they have two alignments, one Lawful the other Chaotic. (Both must have the same secondary attribute i.e. good/evil/neutral.) The character, in order to live up to their patron, must demonstrate conflicting actions and see them as part of the greater whole. They must both respect the law and believe that law has no meaning. To play a worshiper of the Twin-Sisters means to play a character who borders on multiple personalities, with perhaps a few who do truly have more than one personality.

How Aya and Sanya View the Other Gods:

Lars the Benevolent: Sanya loves that Lars created something that has given birth to so much more insanity then there had been before. Aya sees beauty in what she believes has at its heart order and logic.

Inga the Triumphant: Because the three are such great friends, it hurts Aya to see their followers not get along. Sanya thinks it is hilarious.

Cascious the Meek: The Twin-Sisters love a good game with someone other than each other, seeing as they almost always end in ties.

Krillix the Detested: Aya and Sanya are just glad Krillix has someone to talk to. Though, Sanya does enjoy his company more than Aya does.

Hershwick the Exchanger: Aya and Sanya like to browse Hershwick’s Divine Caravan from time to time.

Uung the Companion: Always having each other, Aya and Sanya don’t really appreciate Uung as much as some of the other Old Gods.

Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad

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