Cascious the Meek

Cascious the Meek

“Alignment”: Neutral Good
Domains: Luck, Healing, Good, Community
Holy Symbol: A blue sphere with a pair of dice inside.
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Casious the Meek is the most gentle of the Old Gods. He was almost given the moniker Cascious the Lucky, however, when he and Lars played a tournament of planar chess. Though Lars is himself good at the game, of the five games played Cascious won them all. Cascious is not undefeated but he never loses when it matters the most.

Cascious is also known as the Healer of the Gods. He helps not only mortals in their time of need but even attends to the wounds of the Gods, especially Inga and Krillix as they wage perpetual war against one another.

It was Cascious who first introduced conscious creatures to medicine and divine healing. Though any cleric can channel the divine energy of any of the Old Gods to heal, this was not the case before Cascious the healer taught them how.

Many choose Cascious as their patron purely for his powerful luck. Most Preists who feel a special calling towards healing choose Cascious. There is also a Fighter’s guild of Cascious devotees who seek to grow in community with one another and cultivate a spirit of meekness.

How Casious Views the Other Gods:

Lars the Benevolent: Cascious loves Lars a great deal. He also finds eternal humor in Lars’ constant attempts to best him in their divine games.

Inga the Triumphant: Cascious is hurt by Inga’s feelings towards him. He tries to show Inga that not everyone can or has to be as bold or daring as she but his cries fall on deaf ears.

Fern the Cunning: Cascious avoids playing his games with Fern. Fern always seems to find a way to exploit situations to her advantage. Sometimes she simply cheats her way to the win.

Krillix the Detested: Cascious often finds himself overwhelmed at the sheer force of will Krillix possesses. Cascious has on some occasions been unable to provide healing to Krillix because Krillix simply cannot contain his wrath long enough to be healed.

Hershwick the Exchanger: Cascious likes that he can obtain planar artifacts from Hershwick’s Divine Caravan. Many of these artifacts become sources of games he will sometimes play with mortals.

Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad: Aya and Sanya are almost as good at games as Cascious due to their shared mind. Some days Cascious likes this and on others he does not.

Uung the Companion: Uung will always play a game with Cascious when none of the other Gods will.

Cascious the Meek

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