Hershwick the Exchanger

Hershwick the Exchanger

“Alignment”: Neutral Evil
Domains: Travel, Evil, Charm, Magic
Holy Symbol: A cracked open blue sphere revealing coinage
Favored Weapon: Short- sword

Hershwick was almost given the moniker “the Hoarder” for the shear number of objects he collects. Hershwick has been traveling the planes grabbing what he could and trading for more. Hershwick’s plane contains a museum of artifacts from Hershwicks’s travels. (Fern helped him set up the museum.)

Hershwick’s vast collection has become known as the Divine Caravan and many planar travelers look to trade or steal from it.

Hershwick has come to the Material Plane more often that any other Old God. Though how often is a matter of uncertainty because Hershwick would just as often hide his identity as he would exploit it whichever was better suited to help him acquire powerful magical goods.

Hershwick has the second most mortal souls in his personal plane because mortal will often barter their own soul in exchange for powerful planar and magical items.

Merchants and traders very often choose Hershwick as their patron. Some roguish types also call him their patron for his assistance in procuring items. Hershwick is, after Uung, the most prayed to secondary God as most believers of the Old Gods will pray to Hershwick before and during trade of goods.

How Hershwick Views the Other Gods:

Lars the Benevolent: Hershwick loves to explore Lars’ creation and is grateful when Lars leads those like minded people to Hershwick’s personal plane.

Inga the Triumphant: Hershwick likes war, because war brings spoils of war, and he often obtains from Inga some very interesting items.

Cascious the Meek: Hershwick often obtains new games for Cascious to master and has even been known to play a round or two.

Fern the Cunning: Hershwick is deeply indebted to Fern for her great knowledge about what Hershwick has found. On many occasions he has almost traded something away not knowing how truly valuable it was when Fern stepped in and educated him as to what he was about to do and with what.

Krillix the Detested: Hershwick gets less out of Krillix than he would prefer. Krillix likes to keep items more than Inga does.

Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad: Hershwick and the Twin-Sisters don’t have much more than a professional relationship.

Uung the Companion: Hershwick appreciates the occasional company on long planar travels.

Hershwick the Exchanger

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