Inga the Triumphant

Inga the Triumphant

“Alignment”: Chaotic Good
Domains: Good, Chaos, War, Glory
Holy Symbol: A Greatsword piercing a blue sphere.
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Inga the Triumphant is a warrior. She and Krillix have been waging combat for eternity. (Neither Inga nor Krillix, however, make souls fight for their cause unless the souls themselves ask to take part.) Inga sees in earth the beauty of her lover, Lars, and so loves all creatures of the Material Plane. Igna detests evil of all kinds. War and combat, in Inga’s eyes, is the path to vanquish evil.

Inga once came to the Material Plane to fight Krillix who had come to wreak havoc on followers of Inga. The two of them fought continuously for forty years in what became known as the War on Barren Mountain. No conscious creatures fought for either Inga or Krillix; neither would allow it. At the end of the war, both Gods simply had enough and so returned once more to their own planes. Both have sworn that if one returns to earth without first consulting the other there will be a second incident.

Those who hold war values in high esteem are almost the sole worshipers of Inga. Some females worship Inga for her great strength in her womanliness regardless of their attitudes towards war itself. Devotees of Inga make a special vow to stop evil whenever they are witness to it and never offer prayers or oblations to Krillix.

How Inga Views the Other Gods

Lars the Benevolent: Lars and Inga are known as the Two Lovers. Inga saw in Lars’ creation her own values and in Inga Lars sees beauty and strength, two things that moved him to create the Material Plane in the first place.

Cascious the Meek: Inga does not detest Cascious as she would Krillix, but she does not see his meekness as a trait worthy of Godhood.

Fern the Cunning: Of the evil Gods, Inga prefers Fern. She sees in her code a bit of goodness shining through her evil.

Krillix the Detested: Inga and Krillix are mortal enemies. Each spends much of their time plotting how to kill the other. So far neither has come close. Even during the Divine Circus they would often begin fighting with each other rather than protecting themselves against the Ascended Ones.

Hershwick the Exchanger: Inga is apathetic towards Hershwick.
Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad: Other than Lars Inga is closest to the Twin-Sisters. They are great friends but the souls of the devotees do not always get along as well as they do.

Uung the Companion: Uung has often journeyed with Inga through the planes as a Companion when Lars cannot. Inga would appreciate this more if he did not also journey with Krillix just as often.

Inga the Triumphant

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