Krillix the Detested

Krillix the Detested

“Alignment”: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction
Holy Symbol: A black hand clenching a crushed blue sphere
Favored Weapon: Morningstar

There is no evil more powerful than Krillix the Detested. Even the other evil Gods seem neutral when compared to Krillix’s bloodlust. Before the Material Plane Krillix would travel the elemental planes recruiting spirits and demons to his ranks and waging war against whomever he could find.

Once the Material Plane came to be, Krillix went to Taigua and declared that any mortal who could best him would be given the power of the Gods. Inga, after seeing the countless lost souls Krillix had destroyed, went to the Material Plane and fought Krillix in what became known as the War on Barren Mountain.

Evil creatures worship Krillix almost exclusively, i.e. they worship none of the other Gods. Evil fighters take special oaths to never accept an order or request from a follower of Inga. Devotees of Krillix annually perform, on the anniversary of the end of the War on Barren Mountain, a desecration ritual around an image of Inga.

How Krillix Views the Other Gods:

Lars the Benevolent: Krillix loves that Lars gave him yet another plane to terrorize and stalk. He sees Lars himself as a goody-goody.

Inga the Triumphant: Archenemies.

Cascious the Meek: Krillix doesn’t much like to play games and he doesn’t like when Cascious tries to “help” him.

Fern the Cunning: To Krillix, Fern is a nuisance who occasionally tricks him out of planar spoils.

Hershwick the Exchanger: Krillix has been known to do dealings with Hershwick to gain access to powerful magical weaponry to aid in his inter-planar wars.

Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad: Krillix spends some of his free time chatting with the Twin-Sisters as they don’t judge him for who he is.

Uung the Companion: Krillix has no companion.

Krillix the Detested

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