Lars the Benevolent

Lars The Benevolent

“Alignment”: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Law, Community, Earth
Holy Symbol: A wrinkled hand cupping a blue sphere.
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Lars the Benevolent is the God of the Material Plane. Before Lars there was only the Plane of the Gods (the place where the Old Gods commonly dwell), the elemental planes, and the individual planes each God possessed for his or herself. Lars saw that there was a need for more. He was truly happy but desired to share the gift of being with infinitely more. Lars then took his dagger and pricked the tip of his first finger and the blood that dripped out took a life of its own and became the material plane of existence. Then Lars took his dagger and pricked the tip of his middle finger and the material plane became populated with plant life of all kinds. When this was finished Lars took his dagger and pricked his ring finger and from there all manner of conscious life took shape. It was at this time that Lars discovered his creature would die and so he humbly asked Uung the Companion to be companion to the souls of his creation as they traveled to the Planes they were destined to go.

For years this conscious life did nothing but bicker and argue with one another treating their differences as weaknesses. Lars was saddened that his creation could not see the beauty in their diversity and so the First Dissension occurred and Lars took form in the Material Plane. While on the Material Plane he took the shape of every conscious creature. He then took out his dagger and pricked his pinky finger. When the blood dropped to earth every conscious creature heard in his or her own native tongue, “With this blood I swear my allegiance to your good and righteous causes, to your families and friends, and to your good and benevolent desires.” Then he pricked his thumb and as the blood dropped from his hand all conscious creatures heard him say, “But with this blood I swear that all who would keep my children from the Gods of their hearts I will crush them in their journey to the life-here-after.” Then he instructed the mortals on the pantheon of the Old Gods (known then as the Gods) and returned to his personal plane to await the souls of those who would share eternity with him.

All classes and alignments can be found among the worshippers of Lars the Benevolent. He is in fact the most common patron among worshippers of the Old Gods. Followers tend to remind people of the Twofold-Promise and therefore only really reject those who reject that there is any life after death.

How Lars Views the Other Gods:

Inga the Triumphant: Lars and Inga are known as the Two Lovers. Inga saw in Lars’ creation her own values and in Inga Lars sees beauty and strength, two things that moved him to create the Material Plane in the first place.

Cascious the Meek: Lars and Cascious often spend time with each other playing games and interceding for those on the Material Plane. They are great friends and followers of Lars are often closest friends with followers of Cascious.

Fern the Cunning: Fern bests Lars in terms of Fern’s shear cognitive ability. Lars is eternally saddened that this great knowledge and cleverness is used to cheat and lie for her own benefit. Lars is also, however, eternally grateful that Fern follows a strict set of rules about whom she can cheat and when.

Krillix the Detested: Lars and Krillix have spoken only once. When the first soul of a chaotically evil orc died and Krillix welcomed him with open arms as his son Lars thanked Krillix for being home to even the most detestable creatures of the Material Plane. Krillix spat on him.

Hershwick the Exchanger: Lars and Hershwick have little in common, but Lars often finds himself gently placing shady merchants and sleazy political figures into Hershwick’s personal plane.

Aya the Observant and Sanya the Mad: Lars finds in the Twin-Sisters the fullness of sibling love and dysfunction. He is always happy to see when brothers and sisters, out of love for each other, go to the shared plane of Aya and Sanya.

Uung the Companion: Were Lars to ever fade from existence his last gesture of his Twofold-Promise would be to entrust the living as well as the dead to Uung the Companion. Lars trusts Uung to be a Companion to anyone regardless of who or what they are or what they have done.

Lars the Benevolent

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