Religion in Taigua

In the world of Taigua there exists four opposing religious worldviews and factions. These are: The Old Gods, The Ascended Ones (known also as The Pseudo-Gods), The Source, and The Cult of Drakanus. Worship of The Old Gods has taken place since recorded history and the same is said of The Cult of Drakanus. Worship of the Ascended Ones has been taking place since The Divine Circus marked the end of the Age of Plenty and began the Age of Naught (approximately 150 years ago.) Followers of The Source claim theirs is the most ancient religion.

As player characters you will have to decide which of these four factions your character aligns his or herself with.

(Please note that all descriptions of the religions are done from that religion’s perspective.)

The Four Faiths:

Religion in Taigua

When Gods Cry; Pain is Our Prayer. Peaceful_River