The Cult of Drakanus

The Cult of Drakanus, or, The ONE God

The Cult of Drakanus is a monotheist religion that believes dragons are the closest living creature to the almighty Godhead Drakanus. For this reason followers of the Cult of Drakanus revere dragonkind and the multiple ways which dragonkind interact with various races. It was once the belief of the Cult that none of the “Old Gods” existed and that tales of them were fantasy. Since the Divine Circus the Cult of Drakanus has clarified that though there may be spirits who have the names of the “Old Gods,” they are still completely subservient to the True God Drakanus.

During the Divine Circus many warrior-priests were sent to fight the “Apostates” or “Pseudo-Gods” as it was believed they were the true sinners of the conflict. The “Old Gods,” though not really Gods, were just spirits or demons doing what they were created to do.

Drakanus shares much in common with other conceptions of monotheism with the notable exception that dragons are the imago dei or image of God as opposed to humans.

The Cult of Drakanus

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