The Pseudo-Gods

The Ascended Ones or The Pseudo-Gods

The Ascended Ones are a group of mortals who were able to reach the rank of deity. They are a group of mortals who, under the guidance of Shadrab the Great Wizard, ascended death and dwell in their own plane of existence. Those who worship the Ascended Ones tend to only worship one patron with the hope that when death comes the patron will take their soul up to the High Mountain, the dwelling place of the Ascended ones.

The Pseudo-Gods:

Shadrab the Great Wizard: The First Ascended.
Ezik the Strategist: The Master of War.
Quilla the Skillful: Master-of-all-Trades.
Aldrin the Pugilist: The Id Monk.
Tian the Heretic: The One Who Could Answer His Own Prayer.

The Pseudo-Gods

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