Zhong is also known as the “Kingdom of the East.” It is the physically largest of the Three Kingdoms and also the wealthiest. Zhong controls most of the natural resources of Taigua with the notable exception that Kal controls all of the known mines of gold, the only accepted currency across all borders.

Zhong is a monarchy said to be divinely instituted by Drakanus Itself. Though most people grumble about the high taxes levied against those with means, Zhong has a very strong social welfare net that insures most people in poverty are at least fed sufficiently.

Zhong boasts the most powerful civil servants their having been culled at a young age and educated in arts and sciences that suit their individual aptitudes. These civil servants are often allowed to adventure to gain experience and knowledge which they can give back to the kingdom.

The current Emperor of Zhong is an enigmatic figure who makes few public appearances.


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