Taken From Chapter One of: " A Cultural History of Taigua and her Three Kingdoms."

The scholars call it “The Divine Circus”. Some priests call it “The Tragedy,” others “The Heretic Wars,” but make reference to “The Event” and everyone knows to what you are referring. They refer to the war between the Gods: the Gods of the Ancestors and the Ascended Ones. This event demarcates the Age of Plenty from the current Age of Naught.

But I get ahead of myself.

To know Taigua is to know her faith.

To know Taigua is to know her Three Kingdoms.

To know Taigua is to know pure suffering.

Welcome to Taigua.

You are awakened by a loud crash coming from outside your window and as you look to see what caused it you hear your name called by an unfamiliar voice… “Are you ready?”

When Gods Cry; Pain is Our Prayer.